“Your press kit is one of the most brilliant, engaging and comprehensive that I have ever seen. I would be honored and delighted to feature a case study about La vache qui rit Collector’s Box project in my 5th edition”.

Alina Wheeler
“Auteure de “Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team”
Juin 2015

“I would like to personally thank you and your team very much for all the work you did and the support you provided. To work with you was not only a very big help, but also a great pleasure.”

M. Oliver Lueb, Manager und Co-Kurator
“Made in Oceania: Tapa – Kunst und Lebenswelten”
Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum – Kulturen der Welt, Stadt Köln
June 2014

“ On behalf of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Fouchard Filippi Communications led a media campaign in 2012 and 2013 that resulted with first-hand coverage in leading European media. We were very pleased with these results for the promotion of both our exhibition “Dancing around the Bride” and of the museum itself, especially for the reopened Rodin Museum“.

Directrice de la Communication, Philadelphia Museum of Art

“In light of our experience and of the concrete results achieved (426 printed and online articles published in 26 countries, and stories on seven major radio programs), I am glad to confirm that the performance of the FOUCHARD FILIPPI COMMUNICATIONS was outstanding. Its staff displayed team spirit, commitment, competence, determination, adaptability, and dynamism”.

Sous-Directeur Général, Secteur de la Culture, Unesco
Octobre 2011

“Thank you for the wonderful work you have done over the last decade for the V&A and other museums in London. I am particularly grateful for the interviews you arranged on my behalf, for bringing so many journalists and editors to the V&A”.

M. MARK JONES, Directeur, Victoria and Albert Museum
Décembre 2009